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Licensed Therapist, Coach, Motivational Speaker and Relationship Expert

Welcome to LYS Counseling & Consulting, LLC, a mental health counseling and coaching practice located in Manchester, Connecticut. We offer a broad range of services to enhance your capacity for a healthy and fulfilling life, including mental health counseling, couple's therapy, family counseling, life coaching, ...

Attracting Love, Career Success, Peace, and Exceptional Health

At LYS Counseling & Consulting, our ultimate desire is to lift your spirit and empower you to attract the life you truly desire in every aspect. We believe that when your spirit is lifted, you have the power to manifest love, career success, inner peace, and exceptional health.

We understand that life's challenges ...


  • Licensed Therapist
  • Expert in all things relationship
  • Both faith-based & Secular Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Fatherhood and men's concerns
  • Domestic Violence & Conflict Resolution
Spoken languages:
Haitian Creole

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